1949 Leaf Football Complete Set: #1 PSA Registry! (7.56 GPA)

Sold For: $23,500

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 19

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Unbelievably high-grade complete 49-card set of 1949 Leaf Football cards. This is the literally the finest set in the world and the number-one set on the PSA Registry! Just as the cards in the 1948-1949 Leaf baseball series are much rarer than Bowman and Topps cards from the late 1940s and early 1950s, Leaf Football cards are also rarer than most other postwar football issues. They are also very distinctive, with an unusual and very colorful design that has always made these a favorite with collectors. Also of note is the fact that, just as there is a rare and a common 49-card series of 1948-49 Leaf Baseball, 1949 Leaf Football are considerably rarer than 1948 Leaf Football. Interestingly, the significant difference in rarity between the 1948 and 1949 Leaf Football cards has not yet been recognized by price guides (an error that will someday no doubt be corrected), but is clearly the case, and by a wide margin. This is well known by many serious collectors and is also easily seen simply by looking at the total PSA population report for 1948 versus 1949 Leaf Football cards: a total (in all grades) of 8,218 1948 Leaf Football cards but only 2,484 1949 Leaf Football cards have been graded in the history of PSA. These numbers speak for themselves and most effectively illustrate the great disparity in rarity between the two sets. Each card has been graded and encapsulated by PSA. The set includes thirty-three NM-MT 8s, twelve NM 7s, three EX-MT 6s, and one EX 5. The PSA registry overall weighted GPA rating is an astounding 7.56. A set like this does not just happen to come together by chance, especially for Leaf football. This ultra high-grade set has been assembled one card at a time with an uncompromising commitment to condition and eye-appeal over many years by an extremely dedicated collector who actively sought to upgrade this set at considerable expense during the entire span of his collecting. This is an extraordinary set! The PSA grades are as follows: Thirty-three NM-MT 8: #1 Hendren, 2, 9, 13 Thompson, 16 Trippi (HOF), 17, 22 Dudley (HOF), 23, 28 Pihos (HOF), 31, 32, 35, 37, 38, 39, 40 Connor (HOF), 41 McAfee (HOF), 43 Tripuca, 51 Kavanaugh, 56 Lujack, 62 Gilmer, 65, 67 Layne (HOF), 70, 79 Van Buren (HOF), 89 Waterfield (HOF), 90, 95 Washington, 110, 118, 127, 144 (MC), and 150 Turner (HOF). Twelve NM 7: #3, 4, 10, 15 Luckman (HOF), 19 Christman, 26 Baugh (HOF), 49 Conerly, 52, 74, 81, 101 Harder (misspelled Harber), and 134 Bednarik (HOF). Three EX-MT 6: #7, 57, and 126. One EX 5: #47. Thirty-one (63% of the set) of these cards are the highest- or second-highest graded examples in the entire PSA Population Report. The consignor has invested years in assembling and upgrading this set. It is our experience that a vintage set such as this, in such extraordinary high grade, let alone the highest-graded set ever assembled, will be valued by the market at a significant premium to price-guide values. Additional note: None of the cards in this set have been submitted for review for the recently introduced PSA half-grades. There is no question that a number of these cards would be awarded higher half-grades if submitted for review, further increasing the already extraordinary average grade of this set. The highest-grade set ever assembled of one of football-card collecting's greatest classics. Total 49 cards. Reserve $20,000. Estimate (open). SOLD FOR $23,500

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