1910 T210 Old Mill Tobacco "Series 2" Virginia League Complete Set (87)

Sold For: $4,994

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 163

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Complete set of all eighty-seven different 1910 T210 Old Mill "Series 2" cards featuring Virginia League players. The T210 set is actually comprised of eight different series, each a set unto itself, representing a different minor league. The "Series 2" cards feature players from the Virginia League. A complete series such as this is very rarely offered. This set was carefully assembled over a period of many years by an extremely advanced collector. Fifty-one cards range from Vg to Vg-Ex (includes a few Ex), and thirty-six are in slightly lesser grade (mostly Gd). This complete "Series 2" set consists of the following: Andrada, Archer, Baker, Beham, Bonner, Bowen, Brandon, Breivogel, Brooks, Brown, Busch, Bussey, Cefalu, Chandler, Clarke, Clunk, Cote, Cowan, Decker, Doyle, Eddowes, Fisher, Fox, Foxen, Gaston, Gehring, Griffin (Danville), Griffin (Lynchburg), Hale, Hamilton, Hanks, Hannafin, Hoffman, Holland, Hooker, Irvine, Jackson (Lynchburg), Jackson (Norfolk), Jackson (Portsmouth), Jackson (Richmond), Jenkins, Keifel, Kirkpatrick, Kunkel, Landgraff, Larkins, Laughlin, Lawlor, Levy, Lloyd, Loos, Lovell, Lucia, MacConachie, Mayberry, McFarland, Messitt, Michel, Mullaney, Munson, Neuton, Nimmo, Norris, Peterson, Powell, Pressley, Pritchard, Revelle, Rowe, Schmidt, Schrader, Sharp, Shaw, Smith/batting (Lynchburg), Smith/catching (Lynchburg), Smith (Portsmouth), Spicer, Titman, Toner, Tydeman, Vail, Verbout, Walker, Wallace, Waymack, Woolums, and Zimmerman. The T210 Old Mill Tobacco card set has always been extremely highly regarded by advanced collectors due to its featuring so many players that appear in no other sets, as well as its very distinctive design, its scarcity compared to most other tobacco-card sets of the era, and its extremely striking photos that are unique to the set. The T210 Old Mill set is also well known by all collectors due to its inclusion of Joe Jackson (Series 8) and Casey Stengel (Series 5), two of the most famous and valuable of all baseball cards. It is virtually impossible to complete the entire set and only a few complete sets (or even sets minus a few cards) have ever been assembled. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a complete set of one the key series, featuring Virginia League players of the Southern League (interesting note: some of these players will be familiar for their appearance in T206), painstakingly assembled by an an extremely dedicated advanced collector. As is often the case with these red-bordered cards, there is some wear to the red borders, mostly in the corners. This is a particularly impressive group, far better than normally found, with many cards in very high grade for this condition-sensitive issue. Total 87 cards. Reserve $1,000. Estimate $2,000/$3,000+ .

SOLD FOR $4,994

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