1910 T210 Old Mill Tobacco Collection (179)

Sold For: $9,400

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 160

Item Year: 1910

Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

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Newly discovered collection of 179 1910 T210 Old Mill Tobacco cards (161 different and eighteen duplicates). This is an original "childhood" collection, assembled in 1910, that was saved by the family of the original owner. We wish we could report that we found a Joe Jackson or Casey Stengel in the collection, but we can't. However, there are still many rare cards and this is a particularly unusual collection, including representative cards from all eight series of the T210 set (a different minor league circuit is represented in each series). This substantial collection includes nineteen cards from "Series 1," twenty-seven cards from "Series 2," forty-two cards from "Series 3," four cards from "Series 4," forty-four cards from "Series 5," three cards from "Series 6," thirty-nine cards from "Series 7," and one card from "Series 8." Series 1 (S. Atlantic League) : (seven cards grade Vg-Ex, seven Vg, and five lesser): Benton, DeFraites, Enbanks, Fox, Hille (2), Howard, Krebs, Lawrence, Lewis (Columbus), Lipe (batting), Manion, McMahon, Mullaney, Mulldowney, Sisson, Smith, Sweeney, and Viola. Series 2 (Virginia League) : (ten cards grade Vg-Ex, eight Vg, two Gd, and nine lesser): Andrada, Baker, Bowen, Chandler, Clarke, Clunk, Doyle, Eddowes, Fisher, Gaston, Griffin (Danville), Griffin (Lynchburg), Holland (2), Jackson (Norfolk), Keifel, Loos, Lucia, Mayberry, Mullaney, Munson, Nimmo, Norris, Schmidt, Smith (Lynchburg, catching), Walker, and Zimmerman. Series 3 (Texas League) : (seven cards grade Vg-Ex, eighteen Vg, eight Gd, and nine lesser): Bell, Bennett, Berlick, Corkhill, Dale, Davis, Doyle, Dugey, Evans, Francis, Galloway, Gardner, Gowdy, Harper (2), Hicks (2), Hinninger, Howell (2), Kipp, Leidy, Maloney, McKay, Mullen (2), Nagel, Ogle, Rose, Salazor, Shontz, Slaven, Smith (bat over shoulder), Smith (bat hip level), Spangler, Stadeli, Stinson, Storch, Tesreau, Thebo, Walsh, and Williams. Series 4 (Va. Valley League) : Davis (Vg), Orcutt (Vg), Waldron (Gd), and Womach (Pr). Series 5 (Carolina Assn.) : (eight cards grade Vg-Ex, twelve Vg, five Gd, and nineteen lesser): Bansewein, C.G. Beusse, Bigbie (2), Bivens, Brannon (4), Brazell, Cashion, Corbett (full length view), L. Cross, Derrick, Ehrhardt, Farmer, Ferrell, Gardin, Gorham, Gorman, Hammersley, Hartley, Hayes, Hicks, Humphrey, Jackson (2), Kelly, McCarthy (2), McEnroe, McFarlin, McKevitt, Ochs, Painter, Roth (batting), Springs, Taxis, Templin, Walker, Weldon, Wingo, Workman, and Wynne. Series 6 (Blue Grass League) : Oyler (Vg), Tilford (Vg-Ex), and Walden (Vg). Series 7 (E. Carolina League) : (four cards grade Vg-Ex, eight Vg, five Gd, and twenty-two lesser): Beatty (2), Bonner, Brandt (2), Brown, Carrol, Cooney, Cooper, Cowell, Cregan, Dailey, Dussault (2), Dwyer, Evans (2), Galvin, Gates, Gunderson, Handiboe (2), Hart, Hobbs, Kaiser, Kelly (mascot), Luyster, MacDonald, McCormac (McCormick), Merchant, Morgan, Munson, Newman, Noval (Novak), Schumaker, Sherrill, Stoehr, and Wright (2). Series 8 (Southern Assn.) : Whiteman (Vg). T210 Old Mill Tobacco cards, along with E107s, N172 Old Judges, Colgans Chips, and a few other early sets, are among a small selection of elite sets that have long captured the imagination of many of the most legendary collectors, from the earliest days of serious collecting, perhaps more so in years past than even in recent times. The reason many great early collectors prized these cards so highly is twofold: 1) These sets could not (and cannot) simply be purchased in set form. They are rare. They have to be collected. They are a challenge. 2) Ultimately, cards are about the players that are featured. Many of the players in T210 (as well as other sets listed above) are featured in few or no other sets. These characteristics make the red-bordered T210 Old Mill set especially significant to the game of baseball and to the world of baseball cards, and especially appealing to the most sophisticated collectors. T210 Old Mill cards also have a very distinctive design with unique and very striking player poses. Total 179 cards. Reserve $2,500. Estimate $5,000+. SOLD FOR $9,400

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