1910-Era Tobacco- and Candy-Card Collection (154 cards)

Sold For: $5,288

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 155

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Collection of 133 tobacco and 21 candy cards from the 1910 era, consisting of cards from seven different highly regarded baseball issues, including an E90-1 Sweeney, Boston team variation, eight rare T206 brown Hindu advertisement backs, and eighteen Hall of Famers. The cards in this lot are an original-owner collection saved by the family for decades. 1) 1909-1911 T206 White Border (67 cards): Forty-nine cards range from Fair to Vg-Ex (averaging Gd-Vg), and eighteen cards are Pr. Mostly Piedmont and Sweet Caporal backs but also includes eight brown Hindu (four Gd [Bates, Ewing, Goode, Shaughnessy/Southern Leaguer] and four lesser [Breitenstein/Southern Leaguer, Cranston/Southern Leaguer, Thornton/Southern Leaguer, Wagner/ bat on left], nine Old Mill, and two El Principe De Gales. Hall of Famers and keys: Bender/port. (Gd, Old Mill), Brown/Cubs (Gd-Vg), two Joss/pitching (both Fr), Keeler/bat (Fr), King/Southern Leaguer (Pr)Marquard/pitching (Pr), McGraw/cap (Vg), Mullaney/Southern Leaguer (Fr), and Willis/port. (Gd-Vg, Old Mill). 2) 1910 T210 Old Mill Cigarettes (46 cards): Eighteen cards range from Gd-Vg to Vg, and twenty-eight cards are Pr. Consists of the following: Series 1 (4 cards): Eubank, Lawrence, Murch, and Petit. Series 2 (6 cards): Chandler, Clunk, Peterson, Smith/catching (Lynchburg), Walker, and Woolums. Series 3 (31 cards): Belew, Burk, Carlin, Doyle, Drucke, Evans, Firestine, Galloway, Gowdy (2), Hise, Howell, Kaphan, McKay, Meagher, Merritt, Nagel, Ogle (2), Robertson, Rose, Salazor (2), Shindel, Smith/bat at hip, Spangler, Storch, Stringer, Tesreau, Weeks, and Woodburn. Series 5 (1 card): Fogarty. Series 7 (4 cards): Carrol, Griffin, Gunderson, and Ham. 3) 1911 T205 Gold Border (19 cards): including Hall of Famers Bresnahan (mouth closed, Pr) and Bobby Wallace (cap, Fr). Six cards range from Gd-Vg to Vg, and thirteen cards are lesser. 4) 1912 T202 Triple Folder (1 card): Dahlen/Wheat (HOF, Pr). 5) 1909-1911 E90-1 American Caramel (17 cards): including Brown (HOF, Gd-Vg), Jennings (HOF, Pr), Keeler/pink (HOF, Fr-Gd), Plank (HOF, Fr), Sweeney/Boston (SGC GOOD 30), and Wallace (HOF, Fr). Five cards range from Gd-Vg to Vg, and twelve cards are lesser. 6) 1910 E96 Philadelphia Caramel (2 cards): Karger (Pr) and Rossman (Fr). 7) 1915 E145 Cracker Jack (2 cards): #65 Speaker (HOF, Fr-Gd) and 161 Roush (Gd). A fascinating and unusual collection of original 1910-era cards from seven of the era's most popular sets including eight rare brown Hindu backs and numerous other highlights. Total 154 cards. Reserve $1,500. Estimate $3,000+. SOLD FOR $5,288

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