Circa 1977-1979 Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys Home Jersey

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Auction Year: 2010 spring

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Dallas Cowboys home jersey worn by Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach during the late 1970s (see balance of description for clarification regarding game-worn attribution). The white mesh jersey, with dureen sleeves, features the number "12" on the front, back and each shoulder. "Staubach" is lettered on the reverse above the number. A "Southland Athletic" manufacturer's label appears in the color. The jersey is all original, with no alterations, and displays light-to-moderate wear. Graded A5 by MEARS. The reason this jersey is graded A5 by MEARS (a grade normally reserved for post-1987 jerseys displaying proper tagging but having no provenance) and not A10 as one would expect, especially given its all-original state, is due to an anomaly regarding the shoulder numbers. Style photo matching requires photographic evidence, and the limited universe of available photos thus far secured by MEARS for matching this particular jersey style has not yielded a perfect match. As MEARS notes in its accompanying LOA, both the tagging and material is consistent with pro-model Dallas Cowboys home jerseys from the era. Also, a comparison of this jersey to those worn by Staubach in period photos corroborates the fact that the size and font of the letters in Staubach's name, and the size and font of the front and reverse numerals, as well as the length of the sleeve stripes, is correct. The only inconsistency found relates to the shoulder numbers, which are of a different style than those displayed in the examined photographs currently available. MEARS emphasizes that it was limited in its research by the small number of viable images thus far found for analysis. If not for the lack of an exact photo match for the shoulder numbers this would be an exemplary Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys jersey dating from the late 1970s and would have been awarded a grade of A10. Because MEARS cannot yet find an exact photo match for the shoulder numbers, it has conservatively graded the jersey A5, but concludes its letter by stating very clearly that "further research may reveal Staubach being issued a jersey with this style of sleeve numbering." To be clear, it is very possible (perhaps likely) that an image or video of Staubach will be found in the future that matches the style of shoulder numbers found on this garment. When and if this occurs, this jersey may be resubmitted at no charge for higher grading. (Armed with a proper style photo match, this jersey would receive a grade of A10.)

Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys jerseys are among the most highly prized of all postwar pro football jerseys. They are also rare. This not only the first Staubach jersey we have ever offered, but it is also one of only four Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboys jerseys listed in the MEARS census. Described by former coach Tom Landry as "the greatest competitor I have ever seen," Roger Staubach's legacy on the football field can be be defined in one small word: wins. Staubach won seventy-three percent of his games during his nine years as a starter, and his eight playoff appearances in that span produced four NFC Championships and two Super Bowl victories. His accomplishments are even more remarkable given the fact that he did not enter the NFL right out of college. A graduate of Annapolis and the 1963 Heisman Trophy winner, Staubach served four years in the Navy before joining the Cowboys in 1969 as a 27-year-old rookie. After serving as a backup to Craig Morton for two seasons, he eventually replaced him as the Dallas quarterback in mid season of 1971. It was then that the Staubach era in Dallas history truly began. Staubach closed out the 1971 season with seven straight wins. After defeating both Minnesota and San Francisco in the playoffs, Staubach led the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history by defeating the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI. Staubach completed twelve of nineteen passes with two touchdowns in the 24-3 victory, earning him MVP honors at game's end. With Staubach at the helm, the next eight years would be known as the "golden age" in Dallas franchise history. It was during that time that the Dallas dynasty, and the term "America's Team" were both born through his extraordinary exploits on the gridiron. Nicknamed "Roger the Dodger" for his mobility and running skill, and also "Captain Comeback," for his numerous fourth quarter heroics, Staubach was selected to the Pro Bowl six times and led the League in passing on four separate occasions. At the time of his retirement in 1980 his passer rating of 83.4 was the best mark in history by an NFL quarterback. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1985. LOA from Troy Kinunen/MEARS. Reserve $1,000. Estimate (open).
SOLD FOR $5,875

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