1933 R305 and PR3 Tattoo Orbit Gum Advertising Sign Collection (4) - Newly Discovered!

Sold For: $23,500

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 1459

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Incredible collection of four never-before-seen full-color advertising displays issued by Tattoo Chewing Gum in promotion of both the company's 1933 R305 baseball cards and 1933 PR3 pins. This is an incredible find! When images of these four advertising pieces arrived we practically fell out of our chairs. It is unheard of for any previously undiscovered store display advertising pieces, let alone of such extraordinary quality and for such significant 1930s gum issues, to surface at this late date, but that is exactly what has occurred in this case! These four pristine display pieces are part of a small find of Tattoo Chewing Gum displays that were recently discovered among sample files of the Wrigley Gum Company. Tattoo Orbit Gum was one of the many brands produced by Wrigley, and these were the only baseball-related items in the recently discovered Wrigley archives (which included various Wrigley's Gum advertising items, almost all of which are gum-related and have no connection to card issues). We were told that only one group of all four posters was found. These are the four posters offered here. (Several duplicates were also a part of the find. The next largest group, including three of the four posters, is in the hands of a private collector who bought them directly from the source of the find, and the remaining several examples were retained by the owner of the archive.)

Two separate Tattoo Orbit Gum issues are represented by the four advertising displays, with each issue represented by two advertising pieces. The first two promote the company's R305 Tattoo Orbit baseball cards ("Pictures of Big League Ball Players - Start a Collection Now"), while the other two advertise for its PR3 pins ("Ball Player Buttons - Big League Players in Full Natural Colors"). Each "set" is comprised of a cardboard display (which was intended for placement within or alongside the retail box of gum packages being sold) and a corresponding paper window display (intended for placement in the retailer's store window; a thin glue strip appears along the top and bottom borders on the front). Both window displays (each 8.5 x 14.25 inches), as well as the cardboard pin display (9 x 7.75 inches), picture generic examples (in the case of the R305 poster, clearly based on the artwork appearing on actual cards in the set) of the respective product being offered ("Free with each 1 cent pkg. of Tattoo Chewing Gum"). The cardboard baseball-card display (11.5 x 7.5 inches) pictures illustrations of generic players in action poses. While the rarity of these pieces cannot be overstated, neither can their phenomenal state of preservation. Each of the four examples offered here is in pristine MINT condition and looks exactly as it did when printed and intended for display in 1933. (Note: each window display features both a horizontal and vertical fold, as issued.) Retail gum and/or candy advertisements from the 1930s are virtually nonexistent, let alone those relating to as important a baseball-card issue as 1933 R305 Tattoo Orbit, making this one of the most significant and exciting finds in recent hobby history. Total: 4 advertising displays. Reserve $2,000. Estimate (open). SOLD FOR $23,500

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