1886-1912 Tobacco- and Candy-Card Collection (37)

Sold For: $5,581

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 116

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Collection of thirty-seven nineteenth-century tobacco and 1910-era candy cards from nine different classic sets including five 1886-1889 N172 Old Judges, two N28 Allen & Ginters, two N300 Mayo's, ten E90-1 American Caramels, two E92 Dockman & Sons, one E94 George Close Candy, two E95 Philadelphia Caramels, twelve E96 Philadelphia Caramels, and one E97 Briggs. This is a very unusual and interesting collection of vintage cards. Eleven cards have been graded by SGC (of which seven were submitted by REA). 1) 1886-1889 N172 Old Judge (5 cards): Bastian (Philadelphia, Vg) 1888 copyright, Foutz (1886 Brownie Champs, Gd), Irwin (Philadelphia, Gd), Obrien (Bklyn, Fr), and Wood (Philadelphia, Fr) 1889 copyright. 2) N28 Allen & Ginter (2 cards): Keefe (HOF; Fr) and Ward (HOF; SGC VG 40). 3) N300 Mayo's Cut Plug (2 cards): Duffy (HOF; SGC GOOD 30) and Long (Fr-Gd). 4) E90-1 American Caramels (10 cards): Bender (HOF; Gd-Vg), Chase (Fr), Clarke/Phila. (HOF; SGC VG/EX 50), Engle (Vg), Jennings (HOF; SGC VG 40), McQuillan (Fr), Mullin (Vg), Stanage (Gd), Tinker (SGC VG 40), and Young/Boston (SGC VG 40). 5) 1909 E92 Dockman & Sons (2 cards): Bemis (Vg-Ex) and Schmidt (Vg). 6) E94 George Close Candy: Jennings (HOF; Gd). 7) E95 Philadelphia Caramel (2 cards): Carrigan (SGC FAIR 20) and Reulbach (Vg). 8) E96 Philadelphia Caramel (12 cards): two Adams (Pr-Fr and Pr), Arrelanes (SGC FAIR 20), Brown (HOF; Fr), Clarke (HOF; Fr-Gd), Delahanty (Fr), Donovan (SGC GOOD 30), Herzog (Fr-Gd), McQuillan (SGC GOOD 30), Mullin (Pr), Murray (Fr), and Thomas (Gd-Vg). 9) E97 C. A. Briggs Co.: Davis (SGC VG 40). This unusual assemblage represents the vintage "odds 'n' ends" of a fascinating collection spanning many eras that was consigned to this auction by an old-time collector. This is a fun collection of relatively affordable, mostly low-grade quality old cards with lots of variety and many highlights. Total 37 cards. Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000/$2,000+. SOLD FOR $5,581

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