Extraordinary Signed Yellow Hall of Fame Postcard Collection - Near-Complete Signed Set (136/150)

Sold For: $7,638

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 1110

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This extremely significant collection is comprised of 155 signed yellow Hall of Fame plaque postcards plus thirteen Dexter Press signed HOF plaque postcards and four additional miscellaneous signed HOF postcards. Incredibly, 136 different Hall of Famers are represented within the collection of yellow postcards (out of a possible 150), making this a near-complete signed set. The fourteen signed cards missing for completion are Gossage, Henderson, J. Rice, Gwynn, Harris, Kell, Mays, Ripken, Sutter, Weiss, Paul Waner, McKechnie, Faber, and Goslin. It should be noted, however, that while it is theoretically possible to have cards signed by Weiss, Paul Waner, and McKechnie, it is very unlikely (all three either passed away very shortly after their induction or were seriously ill for an extended period up until their death), and few, if any, authentic examples are known today. The nineteen extra signed yellow Hall of Fame postcards included here are duplicates (136 different plus 19 duplicates for a total count of 155 signed Hall of Fame postcards). This collection represents the considerable efforts over a period of decades of a very dedicated old-time collector. This is an extraordinary collection and, naturally, includes a great many rarities (Foxx, Traynor, Bancroft, Flick, Jackie Robinson, etc.). Unless otherwise noted, all of the cards are in Excellent condition or better and have been signed on the front (in a variety of inks) with the signatures ranging from "7" to "10," averaging "9." In our listing, we have noted the number of signed postcards for each player (if more than one) in parentheses after his name. Signed Yellow Hall of Fame Postcards (155): Aaron, Alston (2), Anderson, Aparicio, Appling, Ashburn, Averill (personalized "To Larry"; Vg), Bancroft (signed on the reverse; mounting remnant in the upper left corner on the reverse), Banks (signed on the reverse), Barlick, Bell (3), Bench, Berra (2), Boggs, Boudreau (3), Brett, Brock, Bunning, Campanella, Carew, Carey, Carlton, Carter, Cepeda, Chandler (2), Combs (Vg-Ex, with mounting remnants on reverse), Conlan (2; one personalized "To Larry"), Coveleski, Crawford (signed on front and back; back is personalized "To James - With all good wishes" and is dated "May 13 - 67"), Cronin, Dandridge, Dean, Dickey (2, one signature is smudged), DiMaggio, Doby, Doerr, Drysdale (Vg-Ex), Eckersley, Feller, Ferrell (2), Fingers, Fisk, Flick (signed on front and back; Vg-Ex), Ford, Foxx (signed on the reverse in blue ink), Frick ("6"), Frisch, Gehringer, B. Gibson, Gomez, Greenberg, Grimes (slight smudging to the signature), Grove, Hafey, Haines ("6"), Hartnett, Herman (2), Hooper ("6"), Hoyt, Hubbard (signing instructions for Hubbard written in pencil on reverse), Hubbell, Hunter, Irvin, R. Jackson, T. Jackson, Jenkins, J. Johnson, Kaline, Kelly ("6"), Killebrew, Kiner ("6"), Koufax, Lasorda, Lemon (3), Leonard, Lindstrom ("6," Vg-Ex), Lopez ("6"), Lyons (3, one is personalized "To Larry," on another it appears his pen wasn't working well and his signature is gone over), Lee MacPhail, Mantle, Manush ("6," Vg), Marichal, Marquard, Mathews, Mazeroski, McCarthy, McCovey, Medwick (Vg-Ex), Mize ("6," Vg-Ex), Molitor, Morgan, Murray, Musial (2), Newhouser, Niekro, Paige, Palmer, Perez, Perry, Puckett, Reese, Rice ("6"), Rizzuto, Roberts ("5"), B. Robinson, F. Robinson, J. Robinson (signed in blue marker on the reverse; Vg-Ex; with a small vertical crease along the right border), Roush, Ruffing, Ryan (2, one is Gd-Vg with a large diagonal crease), Sandberg, Schalk (personalized "To Jim - Jan 28-70," mounting remnants on reverse), Schmidt, Schoendienst, Seaver, Sewell ("5"), Sisler, Slaughter, Smith, Snider ("6"), Spahn, Stargell (2), Stengel, Sutton, Terry, Traynor, L. Waner, Weaver, Wheat (Vg, with creases and mounting remnants on reverse), Wilhelm, B. Williams, T. Williams, Winfield, Wynn (2), Yastrzemski, and Yount. As noted above, the collection also includes the following additional signed items: Signed Dexter Press Hall of Fame Plaque Postcards (13): Boudreau, Coveleski, DiMaggio (signed front and back), Hoyt, J. Johnson, Kelly (2, one is signed on the reverse), Koufax, Mathews, Musial, Roush, L. Waner, and T. Williams. Miscellaneous signed postcards: 1) Roberto Clemente yellow HOF plaque postcard signed on the front by his wife, Vera Clemente; 2) Josh Gibson yellow HOF plaque postcard signed on the front by Judy Johnson and Monte Irvin, and on the reverse by Buck Leonard and Cool Papa Bell; 3) Ty Cobb yellow HOF plaque postcard signed on the front by Pete Rose; 4) Scenic Art HOF plaque postcard of Robin Yount, signed by Yount. The SMR value for just the 157 signed yellow Hall of Fame plaque postcards in this collection (we have halved the listed values for all of the cards signed on the reverse) is $16,920. Total: 175 signed postcards (157 Yellow, 14 Dexter Press, and 4 miscellaneous). LOA from James Spence/JSA. Reserve $5,000. Estimate $10,000+. SOLD FOR $7,638

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