1956-1968 National League Team-Signed Baseball Collection (10)

Sold For: $1,880

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 1068

Item Year: 1956

Category: Autographed Baseballs/Flats/Photos

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Additional images are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/37009821@N02/4482320218/in/photostream/ This collection of ten National League team-signed balls, spanning the years 1956 through 1968, is highlighted by high-grade examples from the 1956 Reds (Frank Robinson's rookie season) and the 1956 Braves. Each of these balls originates from the personal collection of Bob Bauman, who was a longtime Major League trainer with both the St. Louis Browns (1937-1953) and St. Louis Cardinals (1954-1988), and has been consigned to this auction directly by his son. (A total of eighty-four team-signed baseballs from the Bauman Collection, offered in twelve separate lots, are featured in this current auction.) Bauman's position and long Major League tenure gave him access to virtually every clubhouse in the league, so it's not surprising that his collection included team-signed balls from other teams. In our listing for each ball we have duly noted all of the Hall of Fame signatures as well as those of the prominent players. 1956 Cincinnati Reds - Frank Robinson’s Rookie Season: thirty-one blue-ink signatures (averaging "8/9") on an ONL (Giles) ball: Robinson (rookie season), Kluszewski (sweet spot), McMillan (sweet spot), Tebbetts (Mgr.), McCormick (coach), Bridges, Jansen, Palys, Freeman, Bell, Thurman, Gross, Burgess, Black, Grammas, Dykes (coach), Jeffcoat, Ferrick (coach, twice), Nuxhall, Jablonski, Post, Crowe, Temple, Acker, Meyer, Bailey, Lawrence, Edwards, Fowler, Klippstein, and one other (difficult to read, possibly Oldham). The ball displays extremely light age toning and is in Nr-Mt condition. 1956 Milwaukee Braves: twenty-nine blue-ink signatures (averaging “7/8”) on an ONL (Giles) ball, including Aaron, Mathews, Haney (Mgr., sweet spot), Root (coach, sweet spot), Pafko, Thomson, Tanner, Torre, Burdette, Logan, Crone, Adcock, Crandall, O’Connell, Bruton, Buhl, Covington, and Rice. The vintage blue-ink notation “B2” is written on the ball label. Light overall toning, otherwise Nr-Mt. 1956 St. Louis Cardinals: twenty-six blue-ink signatures (averaging “8”) on an ONL (Giles) ball, including Musial, Hutchinson (Mgr., sweet spot), Konstanty, Moon, Dark, Boyer, Mizell, Lockman, Hopp, Cooper, McDanial, and Sauer. Two small areas of discoloration on a s side panel, otherwise Near Mint. 1956 St. Louis Cardinals: nineteen blue or red-ink signatures (averaging "7") on an ONL (Giles) ball, including Musial, Hutchinson (Mgr., sweet spot), Konstanty, Moon, Boyer, Lockman, Sauer, Cooper, Blasingame, Repulski, and Dickson. The year, "1956," is written in blue ink on the ball label. Ex-Mt. 1961 St. Louis Cardinals: twenty-seven blue-ink signatures (averaging “5”), including Musial, Schoendienst, Sadecki, Cannizzaro, Lillis, Grammas, Keane (Mgr., sweet spot), Boyer (sweet spot), Flood, and White. The year, “1962,” is written on the ball label in blue ink. Despite the “1962” year notation, the combination of signatures on this ball dates it to 1961. Nr-Mt. 1961 Philadelphia Phillies: ONL (Giles) ball signed in either blue or black ink (averaging “7”) by twenty-seven team members, including Roberts, Lemon (coach), Mauch (Mgr., sweet spot), Valo, Gonzalez, Dalrymple, and Taylor. Extremely light toning. Nr-Mt. 1963 St. Louis Cardinals: ONL (Giles) ball signed in blue or black ink (averaging “7”) by twenty-five team members, including Musial (sweet spot), Schoendienst (player/coach), Gibson, Keane (Mgr., sweet spot), Flood, Boyer, McCarver, Altman, Simmons, Burdette, Javier, White, Kolb, and Broglio. The year, “1963,” is written in blue ink on the ball label. The signatures on the sweet spot and three of the four side panels have been coated with a moderate layer of protective shellac which has resulted in the signatures appearing green in color. Without regard to the shellac, the ball is in Near Mint condition. 1964 San Francisco Giants: ONL (Giles) ball signed in either blue or black ink (averaging “7/8”) by twenty-six team members, including Mays, McCovey, Snider (his final season and only year with the Giants), Perry, Cepeda (sweet spot), Marichal, Dark (stamped signature, Mgr., sweet spot), J. Alou, Pagan, Shaw, and M. Alou. The vintage blue-ink notation “San Francisco Giants 1964” is printed on a side panel. Very light toning to two panels. Nr-Mt. 1967 St. Louis Cardinals (World Champions): ONL (Giles) ball signed in either blue or black ink by seventeen team members, including Schoendienst (Mgr., sweet spot), Cepeda (sweet spot), Brock, Carlton, Maris, Flood, Spiezio, Hughes, Briles, Woodeshick, and Johnson. (Eleven of the signatures are badly faded and barely visible, including Brock, Carlton, Flood, and Schoendienst; the remainder average “5.”) The blue ink notation “1967 World Champions” appears on both the ball label and a side panel. Ex-Mt. 1968 St. Louis Cardinals (National League Champions): ONL (Giles) ball signed in blue ink (averaging “5”) by seventeen team members, including Schoendienst (Mgr., sweet spot), Gibson, Brock, Maris, Flood, McCarver, Briles, Edwards, Washburn, Javier, Gagliano, Hughes, Nelson, Hoerner, and Maxvill. Ex-Mt. LOA from James Spence/JSA. Total: 10 balls. Reserve $400. Estimate $800/$1,200. SOLD FOR $1,880

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