Absolutely No Conflicts of Interest

And we mean it. We are not dealers. Robert Edward Auctions will never place a bid on material in our own auction. With Robert Edward Auctions, bidders are guaranteed that they never have to worry about the auction house bidding against them on any lot in the auction - EVER. With Robert Edward Auctions, bidders also never have to worry about secret hidden reserves -EVER.

"For both buyers and sellers: The most trusted auction house in the hobby."

With Robert Edward Auctions, all bidding records are archived, as always, indefinitely, and will forever be available for auditing purposes, if necessary. We are a service firm - and our service is making sure your valuable material is presented in the most ideal manner to the widest audience, and sells for top dollar.

These firm policies translate into greater and well deserved bidder confidence, and in turn higher prices for consigners. Many auction houses, as a standard practice, place bids in their own auctions against their bidders, with an emphasis on higher-priced items and on material they own. Some auction house rules actually clearly state that the auction house, as an entity, may bid in the auction, in addition to permitting all executives and employees of the auction house to bid. Some auction houses routinely alter or destroy bidding records after each sale. These and other common practices in the auction industry expose consignors and bidders to numerous irreconcilable conflicts - conflicts which can and do cost bidders and consignors money, and can ultimately make bidders uncomfortable even participating in the auction.

These are conflicts that DO NOT EXIST with Robert Edward Auctions.

Robert Edward Auctions believes that protecting the integrity of the auction process, by taking clear and unambiguous positions with reference to conflicts of interest, results in greater bidder confidence, greater participation, and higher prices. Everyone likes an honest auction.

disclosure "For both buyers and sellers: The most trusted auction house in the hobby."