1962 Topps "Civil War News" #69 "Death In The Water" - Original Card Artwork

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Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2531

Item Year: 1962

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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Original 1962 Topps "Civil War News" card artwork (5.25 x 3.75 inches). This is the actual painting that was used to produce #69, entitled "Death In The Water," from this extremely popular set which chronicles the rich history of the Civil War. This extremely detailed artwork captures a fierce battle on the water between the Union and Confederacy, with soldiers from the Confederacy's battleship jumping from the burning ship and while in the water are being attacked by hungry sharks. In the foreground of the artwork is a man fighting off one of the sharks. This is exactly the type of horrifying image that many parents felt was inappropriate to market to youngsters in a historical bubble-gum card set, and which distinguishes this set from other historical sets. The artwork includes additional image area which was cropped out by Topps on the issued card. While all "Civil War News" card artwork is traditionally attributed to Norm Saunders, the research of Norm Saunders' son, David, an expert and scholar regarding his father's work, reveals that many cards in the set, including this one, are actually a collaborative effort by Norm Saunders and fellow Topps staff artist Maurice Blumenfeld. The artwork is in Near Mint condition. Accompanied by an example of the issued card which this work appears on. Reserve $1,000. Estimate (open).

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