1902-1903 T7 Turkish Trophies "Hamilton King Girls" Complete Set Collection (5 Sets, 92 Cards) Plus L5 Leather Premium

Sold For: $1,440

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2413

Item Year: 1902

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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Five complete series of "Flag Girls" from the T7 Turkish Trophies "Hamilton King Girls" tobacco premiums series, plus five premiums from the sixth series and a L5 Large Leather Premium. The T7 "Hamilton King Girls" are rare and among the most striking nonsport tobacco premiums ever issued. These premiums feature magnificent full-color artistic drawings of pretty women. The set is organized into six separate series, each with a different theme: "Sketches," "Girls," "Bathing Girls," "Period Gowns," "Flag Girls," and "Bathing-Athletic-Dancing Girls." The lot consists of the following: 1) T7-1 "Sketches" complete set (12). Condition is: one Ex, three Vg to Vg-Ex, four Gd to Vg, two lesser, and two altered with tape. 2) T7-2 "Girls" complete set (12). Condition is: one Ex, two Vg to Vg-Ex, and nine Gd to Vg. 3) T7-3 "Bathing Girls" complete set (12). Condition is: nine Ex and three Vg to Vg-Ex. 4) T7-4 "Period Gowns" complete set (25). Condition is: twenty Ex (including a couple slightly better) and five Vg to Vg-Ex. 5) T7-5 "Flag Girls" complete set (25). Condition is: thirteen Vg to Vg-Ex, eight Gd to Vg, and four lesser. 6) T7-6 "Bathing-Athletic-Dancing Girls" (5 premiums of 25 in set). Condition is: two Gd and three Pr to Fr. 7) L5 Large Leather Premium (1 premium): Light Opera Dancer (evidence of repair on the back, displays as Fr due to multiple holes and damage to the lower right area). T7s are big cards; due to their large size they tend to be subject to a little more corner wear and creases than smaller cards. These are very sharp-looking sets. Colorful, scarce, and beautifully lithographed, this is a very rarely offered collection of these quality nonsport tobacco premiums. Total: 5 sets, 92 premiums. Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000++.

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