1962 Topps Collection (826) Including Near-Complete Set of 536/587

Sold For: $3,300

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 1138

Item Year: 1962

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Outstanding collection of 826 assorted cards from the 1962 Topps set, including a near-complete set consisting of 536 different (out of 587). The 1962 Topps set has a well-deserved reputation for being the era's most condition-sensitive issue. Condition is 10% Nr/Mt (including a few better), 75% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 15% Vg to Vg-Ex (including some lesser). Keys: #1 Maris (Vg-Ex), 5 Koufax (Ex), 10 Clemente (Vg+), 18 Mantle/Mays (Ex-Mt), 25 Banks (Vg-Ex+), two 29 Stengel (Ex-Mt and Ex), two 30 Mathews (Ex and Vg-Ex), 40 Cepeda (Ex+), 45 B. Robinson (Ex), two 50 Musial (both Ex), 52 NL Batting Ldrs (Ex), two 53 AL HR Ldrs (both Ex), two 54 NL HR Ldrs (Ex and 1/99 T/B, otherwise Ex-Mt), two NL Strikeout Ldrs (Ex+ and Vg-Ex), two 70 Killebrew (Ex and 90/10 L/R, otherwise Ex), 73 Fox (Ex-Mt), two 85 Hodges (Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt+), two 99 Powell RC (both Ex), two 100 Spahn (Ex and 85/15 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt), 136 Babe joins Yanks (Vg-Ex), 138 The famous slugger (Ex), two 199 Perry RC (Ex-Mt+ and Ex), three 200 Mantle (Ex, Vg-Ex, and slight trim, otherwise Vg-Ex), two 213 Ashburn (Ex+ and 2/98 L/R, otherwise Ex-Mt), two 217 Alston (Ex and Vg+), 218 Torre RC (Vg-Ex), two 235 Ford sets new mark (Nr/Mt and Ex), 243 Roberts (Ex), 288 B. Williams (Vg-Ex), 300 Mays (Vg+), two 310 Ford (Ex-Mt and Ex), 313 Maris blasts 61st (Ex+), two Musial plays 21st season (Ex and Vg-Ex), 318 Switch hitter connects - Mantle (Ex), 320 Aaron (slight trim, otherwise Ex), two 325 Aparicio (Ex-Mt and 2/98 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt), 340 Drysdale (Ex), 350 F. Robinson (Ex+), two 351 Torre/Crandall (Ex-Mt and Ex), two 353 Mazeroski (Ex+ and Vg-Ex), 360 Berra (Vg-Ex), 382 D. Williams (Ex), two 385 Wynn (Nr/Mt and Ex), two 387 Brock RC (Ex-Mt and 10/90 T/B, otherwise Ex-Mt), three Mays AS (Nr/Mt, Ex-Mt, and slight trim, otherwise Ex-Mt), 398 Drysdale AS (Vg-Ex+), 399 Spahn AS (Ex-Mt), two 401 Maris/Cepeda (both Ex), 425 Yastrzemski (Ex), 460 Bunning (Vg-Ex), two B. Robinson AS (Ex-Mt and Ex+), 471 Mantle AS (possible slight trim, otherwise Vg-Ex+), 475 Ford AS (90/10 L/R, otherwise Ex+), two 500 Snider (Vg-Ex+ and 10/90 T/B, otherwise Ex-Mt+), two 545 Wilhelm (both Ex), 575 Schoendienst (Ex+), 591 McDowell RC (100/0 T/B, otherwise Vg-Ex), 594 Uecker RC (Ex-Mt), two 596 Pepitone RC (Ex-Mt and Vg-Ex), and 598 Hickman RC (Vg-Ex). Also included are pose variations for cards #139 and 190. This is a very pleasing mid- to high-grade collection of cards from this classic set, highlighted by many of the great stars of the era. Total: 826 cards. Reserve $300. Estimate $500/$1,000+.

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